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    Application & Care Instructions

    DTF Heat Press Instructions
    1. Make sure the heat press is clean and free of any debris.

    2. Pre-press the garment under 330° F for 5 seconds to remove any wrinkles and moisture.

    3. Place the transfer onto garment - with the printed side facing down

    4. Press at 330° F for 15 seconds at medium pressure

    5. Peel when cool. Make sure to peel it off slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the design.

    Note: Firm and even pressure is important for good adhesion, avoid any pocket/seams/button/zip/etc within the press area.

    DTF Care Instructions:
    After heat press application, please wait at least 24 hours before washing the garment. This allows the transfer to fully adhere to the fabric.

    Turn item inside out.
    Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
    Machine Wash cold.
    Tumble dry on low.
    Do not dry clean or iron on design.

    UV DTF Wrap Instructions:

    1.Ensure the glass/plastic/surface is free from any hand oils or dirt and is completely dry.

    2. Measure and trim down wrap to remove excess material to your preference.

    3. Peel ¼ of the design transfer off the white backing, starting from the right side. Cut ¼ of the white backing.

    4. Place the design transfer on the glass/plastic/surface, starting from the right side- ensuring the design is straight and positioned correctly. (NOTE: Adhesive is very strong that means once it’s placed it is very difficult to take off)

    5. Slowly start working from the right to the left removing the white backing and pushing out any air bubbles. We recommend using a hand applicator squeegee to remove any excess bubbles.

    6. Rub heavily all over the design with your fingers. The more you rub, the better, to ensure that the design is fully seated on the glass/plastic/surface.

    7. Carefully and slowly peel off the clear film, and you're done!😊

    For video tutorial, visit our Instagram @Tokimekushop

    UV DTF Care Instructions:
    Gentle hand wash only.
    Do not soak.
    Not dishwasher safe.
    Not microwave safe.
    Do not use harsh chemicals.
    Avoid extreme heats.